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19.01.2017 Chrismayo1981

Whammy bar? Where?

17.01.2017 mikdu1

Shane, you know epiphone made guitars before being under gibson. The beatles used these a lot and gary clarks epiphones are usually from the s when they weren t under gibson.

15.01.2017 Dale Palmer

It looks great. I m not really into this style guitar but to each his own.

12.01.2017 northof50now

Parallelogram sided figure with sets of parallel sides, but no degree corners. . . For what it s worth. To be honest, the name sounds more interesting than the shape.

11.01.2017 Cawfee Dawg

The bigsby version looks interesting.

10.01.2017 ravenslaves

The es and the epi casino are tone, and feedback, beasts. Traditionally the epi s had slightly thinner necks than their gibson brothers, but quality control was always questionable so there are plenty of exceptions either way. These days i m sure they re all the same dammit. Just find your sweet spot on stage, and don t move. Unless feedback s your thang.

08.01.2017 ArielsSmartyPants

Feedback is my thing so yeah this looks great. Love p s anyway and those inlays make it just that much more unique.

07.01.2017 briangtat2

No whammy on his guitar and gary barely plays his epi any more he s since picked up a white strat premier guitar did a rig rundown with him check it out

05.01.2017 Daniel Gonzalez

Last semi hollow epiphones which i have purchased have been great guitars! ! ! They have impressed me, even more than my gibsons! ! ! ! Great feeling when playing them!

03.01.2017 greatvanzinni

I played epi s inexpensive wildcats, a dot a sheraton at gc the other day all, well none were close to being good. All needed work which is what i often find with them. That said i do own a swingster that came all set up perfect from the old apple music in portland. Man i miss them. Any way, some of their guits seem to have extra care taken with them i am hoping the gary clark is like that. It is one i would consider if i can ever find one on the shelf. Thanks for the quick review.

31.12.2016 Daz Jay Gee

It looks great. Pity there s no left handed models. I ve noticed he plays a gibson as well these days on stage and as briangtat mentioned the strat he now plays as well.

30.12.2016 Ahmad Kareem

I know i sound like a broken record but check out southpaw guitars. They have a nice selection of lefties there!

27.12.2016 HUTCHfromBA

They have one with a bigsby shane. Http www. Epiphone. Com products electrics archtop gary clark jr blak blu casino w bigsby. Aspx

26.12.2016 Ale Luque

You really should get gary clark s albums dude, there are quite awsome and you ll find some good songs.

23.12.2016 Michael Hechler

I just got one of these gc epiphones and it is great. It is perfect for blues, but because it is totally hollow, sounds like a great jazz box as well

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