Рецепт бонда из казино рояль - Казино

Рецепт бонда из казино рояль

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06.04.2017 Arsen Babayan

Only difference is they don t have the jina likely anymore, it s substituted with lillet blanc.

05.04.2017 shanemental

Eva green is currently my favourite bond girl simply for this scene. In casino royale when she walks into this poker game in that purple dress my jaw hit the floor. She was absolutely stunning! Unbelievably beautiful! Bond has had plenty of beautiful women in the past but right now eva green just for this part is my favourite. She was great as vesper in this!

03.04.2017 UberTech

Someone needs to upload the scene where after james loses and he asks vesper for the other half of the money. James loses his shit and is all like sorry? ? ? ? Sorry? ? ? ? Why dont you try putting that in a sentence like, sorry lecheif is going to win, continue funding terror and killing innocent people, that kind of sorry? ? ?

01.04.2017 thedavecorp

A vesper? Because it leaves a bad taste in your mouth? Because once you try it you don t want anything else.

31.03.2017 Blizzard1942


29.03.2017 Juhopk

I ordered a vodka martini in a local bar. The bartender got annoyed and asked why would i drink that since it s alcohol volume is so low compared to price.

27.03.2017 Je Mappelle Eva

Keep the fruit

24.03.2017 Charger69

Vesper? I hope you gave your parents hell for that.

23.03.2017 ricarleite

Wow, wow, wow, hold on, let me get my pen and paper here. . . Just a second. . . Uhmm. . . Okay, so. . . A dry martini and. . . There was something about a lemon? Right so it s one for the ugly british secret agent, one for the weird guy, and two for the black dudes. Creepy guy who cries blood, do you want one as well? No? Uh, anything? A coke, root beer? Plain water maybe? No? Ok, and uh. . . Would you like to try our curly fries? No? Our pepperoni pizza with special tomato sauce is excellent, would you. . . Ok, ok, i m on my way.

20.03.2017 David Diaz

Bro science brought me here

19.03.2017 Alex Tocqueville

Felix should have said you honkeys got any schlitz malt liquor?

17.03.2017 brash hoonigan

Anyone recognize the guy at as tyrone from snatch

14.03.2017 Julien Prévost

Oh come on. . . You re in montenegro s casino royale playing at a m poker table and all you can afford is gordon s dry gin? . . .

11.03.2017 NikkoTheNeko

Yall. That s how they re letting each other know they re all from intelligence branches

09.03.2017 Heiliger Jesus

Sounds great

07.03.2017 Suitup

I replayed this times to get the right ingredients. Also i am sipping on a vesper as i type this! Oz of gin, oz of vodka, blond littel.

05.03.2017 CJ Carpenter

Is it actually good

02.03.2017 Nathan Drake

Did he mean anything by ordering it?

01.03.2017 Lou Baker

Make it five.

27.02.2017 The Christian Cowboy

When i saw this in the movies everyone laughed, so did i. I don t want to sound stupid but could someone please tell me what s so funny. Is it because he didn t say shaken not stirred? Or what?

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