Рецепт коктейля бонда из казино - Казино

Рецепт коктейля бонда из казино

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04.05.2017 Jason Adrian

These guys seem drunk already

02.05.2017 indosmoker831

Supposed to be ox of gin instead of and oz of lillet not full

30.04.2017 James Dang

Glass not cold enough! ! ! !

28.04.2017 arkatos

Utter bollocks. Firstly it s littet, pronounced li lay not lill eth like you do at , learn some french you fool. Also, here is a quote from the book casino royal three measures of gordon s, one of vodka, half a measure of kina lillet. Shake it very well until it s ice cold, then add a large thin slice of lemon peel. Got it? So basically your drink is a load of bollocks and not a vesper.

25.04.2017 Michael Marc Riede

Worst video ever. You would think someone on the crew staf, the cameraman even, would stop and be like hey it s spelled lillet. Either you can pronounce it the french way or butcher it by pronouncing the t. But please it s not lilith. Can you fucking read you piece of garbage!

23.04.2017 neocore6669

Posting again, but its a disgrace this is the top video when you search for vesper martini. Disgusting, horrible video with mentally disabled people all around.

21.04.2017 Kirill Sergeev

Неверный рецепт, пересматривайте фильм! ! !

18.04.2017 Jonathan Edwards

This is cringeworthy. . . . . . Lilleth. . . . . Cooled martini glass. . . . . What the. . . . .

16.04.2017 TerreSeche213

The recipe is actually gordon s vodka lillet bond orders a double, so

15.04.2017 Le Krecker

Cl gordons london dry gin cl beleverde vodka cl liller blanc

13.04.2017 Harry Akira Eaton

A couple of things about this video, other people have already mentioned the error in the pronunciation of lillet so i ll gloss over that. Lillet blanc isn t actually the same recipe as kina lillet at the time the recipe was published, likewise the proof of gordon s has been reduced since that time. To get a more authentic vesper, you need a higher proof gin a good quality aromatic one is excellent for such a classy drink, i use plymouth at the moment but when i can get hold of it i prefer caorunn, a high quality small batch scottish gin and a high proof vodka. To get the authentic kina lillet taste and colour, you can either use lillet blanc and add some drops of angostura bitters, or you can use cocchi americano which is another kina style aperitif wine. As for the age old argument about shaken or stirred, traditional gin martinis should in most cases be stirred, it s a smoother mix and less diluted, a vesper should always be shaken however. Pure vodka martinis are kinda meh, vodka is very similar to gin but lacks the best quality of aroma and flavour that make a gin martini so great.

11.04.2017 Stephen Parallox

Horrible video. You can simply remove the cap from the shaker or use a hawthorne strainer. Not to mention the proportions were completely off.

09.04.2017 Kori Moncur

Pretty sure the original was kina lillet not lillet blanc. That said kina lillet was discontinued.

07.04.2017 Mongo Boogie

Good to see you using the ol tanquary gin! Not that common old gordon s rubbish that everyone uses.

04.04.2017 zibtihaj

Get u r recipe right. . . . .

02.04.2017 Hampus Sundqvist

Let me explain why the ingredients of this drink are so important. First off we have our gordon s gin. Not a fancy fucking sapphire, hendricks, mare, whatever. Gordon s london dry gin. Sharp, dry, out there. Step two, russian vodka, or polish. Bout the only thing done right in this recepie. Pour your yuppie grey goose out in the sink before we all throw up. Step three, kina lillet. Obviously, not possible because it went out of production decades ago, but lillet blac is a good sub. Doesn t quite have the bitter notes of the kina but it s good enough. Parts, part and a half part. This is not a pretty boy cocktail. This is a boozy, rugged, classy, frosty ice cold mother fucker of a mans drink that knows how to say enough is enough. Your not taking this drink home on the first date. You gotta respect it. You gotta get to know it s mean side. It s supposed to be unrefiend, rugged. It s supposed to have a kick to it. It s james bond we re talking about, not fucking jared leto.

01.04.2017 Jessie Star

Hmmmm. . I d like a dry martini. . . . So i dont need sweet. . . . If u want a dry martini u dont put in anything sweet. . . Am i right? ? ? ?

29.03.2017 Jessie Star

In casino royal. . . Mr bond asks for shots of gin shot of vodka and a shot of lillet white. . . . Vodka is not in the original recipe. . Didnt come in till the s

27.03.2017 steemdup

Is lillet strawberry flavored? I swear the cringe worthy host dude was pronouncing it lillith. I was hoping the bar guy would correct him but i guess he didn t want to embarrass the host.

24.03.2017 Andrew C

Hi all. . . . Ok. . I decided to be a smarty pants in vegas a few years ago, and order a vodka martini, shaken not stirred. . . . And i have had some real fun with it. Ok here goes. . It was served and it was really good. I have really no idea what was the actual real brands that were used. But this is my journey so far. So. . . I got home did the youtube thing, got the mixes and had some fun. Gordons, vodka, lillet. Etc. . . . It was good but. . . . I did try a few things. . . And found this. . Switched out gordons gin for tanquaray. Shots smirnoff vodka. Shot. Lillet. Shot lemon peel. Twisted in. Alright from there, i chill the glassin fridge and shaker in freezer for about hour or so and in this order, when it s time, tanq, smirnoff lillet that i keep chilled. Add ice after the liquids are in the shaker. Shake and pour into glass. Add lemon twist and peel into drink. What i found, was that the tanq had better flavour than the gordons and that freezing the shaker made the cocktail more flavourful. I will be tryingdifferentvodkas just for fun and see where the flavours go. Everyone has a way that it tastes good for them. But this is the mix thati prefer.

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