Саунд трек к казино роял - Казино

Саунд трек к казино роял

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03.06.2017 Tag4518

This makes me want to restart fc for the rd time just to listen to this song

31.05.2017 Leonardo Bagé

Parece q temos um xeroque homes aki

30.05.2017 Dev Grewal

Who else waited til he got into the chopper the blow it up

27.05.2017 Mimo Samo

Well i killed pagan just because the new dictator should always be more violent than the previous, and sabal as well, good people have no place in my country

25.05.2017 Adir Gantz

I didnt kill pagen cause i didnt have a reason why except when the fake pagen kill the family of some guys but that wasnt him anyway what im trying to say that i wish i could be in is side cause amita and sabal are the same i think choose amita is the bad end and choose sabal is the bad end i think the great end is or both of them wont be a king of kyrat or ajay rule kyrat or to join pagen i think the good end its that ajay rule kyrat

23.05.2017 EMObatman401k

Far cry and had really good music

21.05.2017 Ahmet Atak

I let him go because i didnt like fucking golden path there were not realistic i mean they were not looks friendly. All they want to push me fight for their purpose. So sabal and amita where trying to manuplate me kidn of brain washing. . . Also you will realize how they are fake end of the game. Pagan man has problem with golden path but he never hurt me he could kill me when he captured me in durgesh prison but he didnt!

18.05.2017 ezz_katkaa :D

If sabal and amita are both cruel who gonna do more shit things to country people den i was thinking why the hell i fight for golden path and killed pagan

15.05.2017 Stuckauto Gaming

This is my favourite soundtrack

13.05.2017 RedPandaGamer

While driving to pagan min, i muted the game to listen to this, because i found it earlier. I regret nothing.

11.05.2017 deadpool

You dont text for help you cry for help pegan min

09.05.2017 deadpool

You eat or you be eaten animals call it survival people call it business longinus

08.05.2017 velocity ha

Oh how i adore pagan!

07.05.2017 Rabe

Pagan was the good guy in the game lol.

05.05.2017 Ajay Ghale

Best far cry game ever

03.05.2017 Jefferson Reimberg

Melhor msica do jogo, wtf

30.04.2017 milenka -

Vokal evval sam m d

29.04.2017 DiMZLY BriXX

I never truly understood the hatred against pagan. . . He never did anything bad. . . It was mohan ghale who caused all the conflict. . . . . Mohan ghale is the real villain and his army. . . . Pagan respected ajay s mother and protected i repeat protected ajay. . . . He didnt want any badness with ajay. . . .

27.04.2017 Mortadela11

Com quem estou falando? O filho que veio espalhar as cinzas da me, ou o louco que matou toda a gente e escalou ao topo da minha montanha?

25.04.2017 Daniel Groulx

Sounds like an indian bond tune.

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